A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu-

Journey2Sustainability (J2S) is a joint pilot project of NethWork and Palki. NethWork’s complementary knowledge and technology was used to facilitate an upgrade of Palki’s current Beaucarnea guatemalensis farm as well as the construction of a new, innovative and sustainable greenhouse.

But ‘Journey2Sustainabilityis much more than that. J2S started on the 25th of April 2014 as a project that will shine a new light on sustainability in horticulture. J2S aims to develop knowledge and technology for companies like Palki to become worldwide leaders in sustainable, ornamental production. The only reasonable way to become a leader in your field, is either being chosen in a democratic way (involving the Crowd) or making your activity comparable to others (measurable).

J2S intends to trigger others to become involved in both approaches, facilitating the horticultural sector to become more sustainable in a uniform and comparable way. Simply because it will pay off!

To actually see what J2S is about, click here to watch the short impression of the opening of the project!

Sustainability never ends and is ever-improving with the current and future technologies. We invite you to join our journey! 


NethWork is a cluster of 17 renowned, complementary Dutch horticultural companies and organizations forming a powerful group focusing on the sustainable development of horticulture in Central America. Read More


Palki is a Guatemalan ornamental pot plant producer and exporter. Already involved with sustainability, Palki felt there was more to focus on to give back to Guatemala and become a sustainable solution for clients. Read More